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'In-Class Debating'

by Jim Honeybone

This book accompanies The EYSIER

'Democracy in Education' project by developing debating competences using ABCDE

In Class Debating Available here

Jim’s interview explaining the purpose of debate, why it is important to our ‘post truth secular society’, and how it develops life skills with thinking tools young people need to make judgements about what is fact and what is fiction and to be able to justify their position with different kinds of knowledge (empirical evidence, logic, ethical, faith, philosophy and no faith etc); 

We present a series of short PowerPoint presentations of Jim Honeybone's 

'In-Class Debating'

 stage by stage.

Please note that the words in the PowerPoints explaining 'In Class Debating' are from pp.3-7 of the book In Class Debating available here 

In Class Debating by Jim Honeybone
An Invitation

In Class Debating by Jim Honeybone

In Class Debating by Jim Honeybone
A Printed Information Sheet for the Class

In Class Debating by Jim Honeybone
The Order

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